Disability cuts protest in London

11th May protest

As many readers will already know, a protest against the planned Government cuts and their effect on the disabled is planned for 11th May 2011 in Westminster. Frustration and not least anxiety are increasing especially given that there have been not less than  5,500 responses to  the Department of Work & Pensions “consultation” regarding the cuts, but it appears to many that the consultation is simply political “lip service” .

Among the most controversial proposed cuts are :-

  • Projections that in excess of  400,000 disabled people will have work support removed after an arbitrary period of 1 year. Statistics indicate that only 13% of disabled people were able to get work within a year even with support.
  • A staggering  80,000 disabled people who are care home residents will have mobility support removed.
  • Some 750,000 people will be affected by removal of the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and replacing it with Personal Independence Payments which are projected to result in a  significant financial detriment to potentially around 200,000 disabled people of at least £80.00 per month
  • Reduction in council funding will inevitably impact on basic but vital services for local disabled services. It seems that only about 20% of councils in England will be providing greater support by the end of this year over and above critical or substantial needs.
  • Due to the cuts to Council funding, many councils have indicated that charges for disabled services will sharply increase

No wonder there will be a protest, but will it make any difference ….? For advice on disability rights or employment law, get in touch with solicitors.

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