World disability review

Worldwide disability update

The World Health Organization (WHO) and The World Bank have published some very interesting data about the difficulties and disadvantages faced by the estimated 1 billion disabled people with personal injury worldwide.

The report was  commissioned with a  view to promoting the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities which has been less than fully adopted, even by countries who could afford to do so.

Some interesting facts to come out of the report :-

  • 15% of people worldwide are disabled, which means more than a billion people.
  • disabled people worldwide are nearly 3 times more likely not to be able to obtain healthcare.

The report makes 9 major recommendations including :-

  • for each country to draw up a national disability strategy
  • disabled people should be involved in policy and laws affecting them
  • adequate funding should be allocated for disabled services
  • Steps to raise disability and public awareness
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